In 2011, a tech entrepreneur saw a gap in the Egyptian urban mobility space and decided to fill this gap with technology. “MisrBus” was formalized and later rebranded as “Mwasalat Misr”, which is currently morphing into an ecosystem that manages and invests in multidisciplinary corporates.


National Bank of Egypt invests in Mwasalat Misr

National Bank of Egypt increases Mwasalat Misr capital by 20% as the first investment in the transport sector.


ACTA establishment in partnership with Egyptian Ministry of Transport

Mwasalat Misr signs an agreement with “SuperJet” representing the Egyptian Ministry of Transport to establish a company with the purpose of providing Smart Sustainable Transport Solutions for the New Administrative Capital named “ACTA”.


Omni-channel real-time passenger information

For the first time in the Middle East and Africa, passengers can receive real-time bus arrival information on multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google Maps, in addition to the official Mwasalat Misr mobile application.

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Sustainable Transport Project kick-off

In cooperation with UNDP, Global Environment Fund (GEF), Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Environment, Cairo University, and Giza governorate, Mwasalat Misr launches Sustainable Transport Project to provide premium-quality bus services along with park & ride facilities targeted at private car owners.

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Electric Bus pilot

Under auspices of Egyptian Ministry of Environment and Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI), Mwasalat Misr operates the first 100% Electric Bus in Cairo.


Internal Transport project kick-off

In cooperation with New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) and the Egyptian Ministry of Housing, Mwasalat Misr launch the first net-cost transit contract to serve four satellite cities to the East of Central Cairo.

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Google Maps integration

Mwasalat Misr becomes a Google Transit Partner. The first organization in Africa and the Middle East to provide real-time ETA to Google Maps; enabling passengers to plan their trips with public transport and receive real-time updates.


Mwasalati Card launch

“Mwasalati Card” activation. The first prepaid closed-loop transit card to run on buses in Egypt, enabling innovative fare design and tighter fare evasion control. Integrated with existing payment networks to facilitate top-up procedures.


City-bus operations kick-off

The first private company to operate 12-meter city buses under auspices of Cairo Transport Authority (CTA).

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“Emirates National Group“ joint venture

Emirates National Group raises capital of 150 Million EGP to acquire 75% of “Mirs Bus” shares and rebrands it as “Mwasalat Misr”, making the company the first international investment in the public transport sector in Egypt.

Emirates National Group

UITP membership

Proudly joined the International Union for Public Transport (UITP) as a member, to gain knowledge on the international norms of standard public transport.


EBRD consultation

Received generous consultation grant from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), to further understand market dynamics and prepare the company for international acquisition.

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smart minibus 4 metro

Acquired “Al-Heba for Public Transport”…added air-conditioning and sold Metro tickets on board…as a proof of concept for inter-modality and fare elasticity.


Smart Minibus

Acquired “Cairo for Public Transport” company. First entry to the Egyptian market to proof concept and test pricing sensitivity.

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